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Confidential Waste Isle of Wight

Confidential Waste Isle of Wight

Do you feel that your office is ‘going green’? Here at GHS Secure Shredding (part of GHS Recycling Limited), we provide secure, disposal of confidential waste on the Isle of Wight which will not only help reduce your waste; it will always help you to comply with the law and recycle documents while correctly destructing old data and providing you with you legal Certificate of Destruction.

The Importance Of Shredding Confidential Waste In Isle Of Wight Running a business requires a lot of control and having eyes everywhere. It can be difficult to find the time to dispose of old documents and data correctly. Here at GHS Secure Shredding, we aim to take that worry away from you. As our secure vans collect your confidential waste from your premises, so you don’t have to worry about transport costs.

Our Confidential Waste Facilities Once we have collected your documents and other waste materials, they are transported to our facilities. All materials will be stored in a secure area before the destruction process. All of our employees are uniformed and have signed a confidentiality agreement, to ensure that your data is never used.

The Destruction Facilities: Data is kept in secure rooms or under attendance

  • Monitor alarms are in use

  • Cameras are used in secure areas

  • Materials are handled by unformed staff

  • All employees have signed a confidentiality agreement

  • Certificate Approved

What Do Our Waste Services Include? Collections To Suit You At GHS Secure Shredding, we understand that your business is busy. That’s why we are happy to arrange collection times that are convenient for you. We offer one-off or regular services, depending on the volume of waste that you produce. Our trucks will collect your documents and waste materials at time you have requested, and simply take all of the materials off your hands. It really couldn’t be simpler.

We Recycle Your Confidential Waste Passionate about recycling? Here at GHS Secure Shredding, we recycle as much as we can. Your old paper documents will be put through a shredder and all the paper is recycled and reused. Every company has to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Our confidential waste services in Isle of Wight are designed to make it easier for you, as well as allowing you to spend less time sorting through your waste materials. The most sought for recycle at the moment is high grade white paper, which contributes to over 70% of office waste. Just by recycling your paper you’re greatly helping to maintain our environment.

Our Promise To You GHS Secure Shredding promises to always put your business first. We will only collect your documents in Isle of Wight at a time to suit you and we can supply secure consoles, recycling bins and confidential bags to encourage shredding and recycling within your business. It can be hard to know what materials to recycle, and if you are unsure please ask us. We will recycle all paper once shredded and pulped of all print and we make sure that all of your recycled materials are reused.

About GHS Secure Shredding GHS Secure Shredding is part of GHS Recycling Ltd, and have been trading for over 20 years. Over the recent years, we have found more effective and efficient ways to produce business and store data. We aim to sustain our local environment and yours too. We do this by recycling all material, not landfill.

Contact Us For our Secure Shredding and office paper waste service in Isle of Wight, please call us on 023 92670 399 or send us an email at

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