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  • We are very aware of the implications of identity theft and other fraud that can be a result of companies disposing confidential waste incorrectly. With our experience we have the knowledge and technology to ensure all confidential details are safely and securely handled.​

  • The material collected is destroyed by shredding in our industry recognised AXO shredder, baled, then pulped (cleaned of all print) before being put back into the recycling stream. We recycle all paper. 

  • Upon request we will provide you with a selection of confidential storage bins to suit your needs, strong hessian sacks & cable ties, to ensure your delicate material is safe and secure 24/7 until a member of our team collects and shreds that same day within our secure facilities.


  • Whether you require a collection of your day to day material and office waste, historic archived documents, a one off collection of personal material or a regular off site secure shredding process, we can assist you in a secure and cost effective off site service that suits your needs.​

  • GHS Secure Shredding cover the South of the UK with all of our shredding services, contact us today to book in an agreed day to collect your sensitive material by one of our security experienced & uniformed employees to be destroyed that same day


Upon request we can provide you with strong GHS Secure Shredding hessian sacks, secure confidential consoles or storage bins to suit you needs. Visit our shop for more information...

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GHS Secure Shredding provide On & Off Site shredding services throughout the South of the UK.

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