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  • If you own or work for a business then you are probably aware of the volume of sensitive material and waste paper that is produced on a daily basis within any company.  No matter how much or little of your confidential waste is being produced GHS Secure Shredding can offer your a service that is efficient, cost effective and a green recyclable solution for your needs.

  • We cover the South of the UK with all regular service requirements, whether that's weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even bi-monthly and quarterly. We are here to make your secure shredding process as easy as possible so you don't need to worry. ​

  • As a company it is your obligation to ensure your sensitive material is handled correctly, GHS Secure Recycling can provide you with suitable solutions to meet your needs, ensuring your material is not left vulnerable to identify theft and other fraud that can result in companies disposing of confidential waste incorrectly.

  • Contact us today for more information and book your confidential waste service consultant to establish the best service for you.

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Upon request we can provide you with strong GHS Secure Shredding hessian sacks, secure confidential consoles or storage bins to suit you needs. Visit our shop for more information...

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GHS Secure Shredding provide On & Off Site shredding services throughout the South of the UK.

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